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Drivers Legal Plan® is dedicated to protecting the rights of truck drivers.

The basic concept of the Plan is simple: to make the highest quality CDL legal services available to the driver force, and to make it affordable. That makes Drivers Legal Plan® the effective alternative to the insurance/referral agencies that charge drivers substantial, commission-laden premiums, yet can deliver inconsistent counsel.

Career Protection

"It took a six month suspension, and worrying where the next dollar would come from, for me to realize that Drivers Legal Plan® amounts to career protection I can't afford to be without."

- Antonio V., Owner Operator, Lincoln, NE.

Saved My Job

"I was going to be suspended and fired for doing 40 mph on a motorcycle! Drivers Legal Plan® attorneys were able to get it reduced to a non-moving violation and saved my job."

- Robert W., Van Buren, AR

Saved Career

"On one ugly unpreventable wreck, Drivers Legal Plan® saved me about three thousand dollars in fees and got the CDL ticket off my record. They truly saved my career."

- Martin T., Phoenix, AZ.

Earned My Loyalty

"I'm a lifetime driver. I've used other attorneys; I've tried to handle tickets myself. I've made just about every mistake. The attorneys of Drivers Legal Plan® have saved me every time, and now I'm a loyal member."

- Carl M., Nashville, TN

Lesson Learned

"I've learned my lesson; I won't get into the cab of a truck, or my personal car for that matter, without my Drivers Legal Plan® card in my pocket."

- Lionel R., Salt Lake City, UT.

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