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Drivers Legal Plan® was designed in 1991 by trucking company executives who recognized that with the advent of the CDL, unnecessary traffic convictions were going to have a deep and detrimental effect on their companies' safety profiles and driver retention records. With DOT audits, SAFESTAT ratings, skyrocketing insurance and driver replacement costs, the days of "fire and rehire" were ending.

The basic concept of the plan is simple: to make the highest quality trucking lawyers available to the driver force, and to make it affordable.

That makes Drivers Legal Plan® the effective alternative to the insurance/referral agencies that charge drivers substantial, commission-laden premiums, yet can deliver inconsistent counsel.

Now that CSA is live, everything the Drivers Legal Plan® trucking law firm does, for driver and company alike, is even more essential. Drivers MUST fight to keep all crippling points off their, and their company’s, CSA SMS score.

Again, the basic premise of Drivers Legal Plan® is to enable the professional driver to protect his most important asset - his ability to earn a living.


Vital Elements of the Plan


Affordable is the keyword. A payroll or settlement-deducted $2.98 per week will not cripple a driver's take home pay. If the driver never uses the plan, he is not out much. If a driver needs legal protection, he can now afford the best.


The member driver pays only $100 ($250 for simple accidents with no loss of life or limb) for our law firm to handle his moving or non-moving violation. This amount is substantial enough that it discourages a driver from breaking the law, yet, generally affordable enough to enable the driver to defend his record.


To our knowledge, Drivers Legal Plan® comprises the only trucking law firm in the country entirely dedicated to CDL defense. The driver gets a "trucker's attorney," whose livelihood depends solely on how well he represents truck drivers. A comprehensive database of over 350,000 CDL cases, in essentially every court in this country, coupled with current CDL requirements in each state, makes for an immediate and accurate assessment of each legal situation. This often puts the odds of success in our driver/client's favor.

Protect Your Job, Protect Your CDL.

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