HoS Heats Up


Hours of service: It’s the controversy that just keeps going and going. Former FMCSA head John Hill recently told trucking leaders he doubts the ruckus over the proposed rules will be resolved until Congress steps in with action. Now a consultant for trucking companies, he said he expects HoS will be in a cycle of litigation unless and until federal lawmakers intercede.

Interestingly, Hill said he suspects the FMCSA is justifying the proposed hours-of-service changes because DOT cost-benefit analysis has doubled the value of a human life from $3 million to $6 million.

Meanwhile, the brouhaha over HoS and electronic onboard recorders has caught the attention of mainstream news media. A recent NPR story examined the complexities of the issue. It pointed to the American Trucking Association’s endorsement of an EOBR mandate, but noted the opposition of many independent truckers. Among those skeptical of the plan is Terry Button. "When I'm away from home, this is my home," he told NPR. "Does somebody come in your front door and decide, 'I want to plug into your computer and see where you've been today'?"

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