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The 2017 fiscal year spending package cleared by Congress this week bars the U.S. DOT from further work developing or deploying a wireless roadside inspection program until the DOT can ensure the program does not duplicate systems already in place at state and local levels, among other hurdles. Read More

FTR reports preliminary Class 8 net orders for March came in above expectations and, for the third consecutive months, much higher than a year ago. March orders, 22,800 units, were basically flat month-over-month but up 41 percent over last year. Read More

In an address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, President Donald Trump asked legislators to produce and pass a $1 trillion spending package meant to “launch a national rebuilding” of the country’s infrastructure, Trump said, including funds for rebuilding U.S. highways. Read More


Trucking employment stumbles for first time since July: The for-hire trucking industry’s total employment fell by 1,400 jobs in January, according to the Department of Labor’s monthly employment report.

Read More

The time drivers spend, or waste, searching for truck parking is not captured by electronic logging devices, telematics systems or other mobile technology. Read More

Daimler Trucks is recalling certain 2017 Freightliner trucks based on an earlier recall issued by Goodyear. Read More

Ballots nationwide Tuesday featured a host of transportation-related measures on state and local levels, several of which could have impacts on the trucking industry via improved infrastructure funding. Read More

A five-truck fleet out of LaGrange, Ga., has been issued an effective shutdown order by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after an investigation revealed the company did not adhere to driver qualification, drug testing, maintenance regulations and more.

The investigation into Industrial Transit began after one of the company’s trucks hauling Takata airbag components, which were designated as hazmat, crashed in Maverick County, Texas, resulting in a fatality and extensive property damage.

FMCSA says the truck attempted to take a curve at a high speed, left the road and struck a culvert, resulting in the truck rolling over and catching fire. The fire caused the airbag components to explode, which leveled a nearby house and garage and damaged several other houses in the area, according to FMCSA’s order. The agency adds an occupant in the leveled house was killed, and the team drivers of the truck were injured, as was a couple in a nearby car. Read More

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a Final Rule to allow certain “vehicle safety technology” to be mounted on windshield interiors. Read More

Tire breakdowns represent 25% of all breakdowns for OTR trucks at an estimated average cost of $1000.00 per incident. Read More

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